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Why moneyfortech?
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Why is moneyfortech?

It's easy. And it helps the environment. Every gadget donated helps offset the environmental effects of e-waste throughout the world. It's also easier and safer than using third party auction and classified sites.No more meet-ups with strangers or waiting for the highest bidder (who might not even pay)!

Is it safe?

Very safe. Every gadget we receive is tested, wiped of personal data and retested for any traces of identifiable data. We ensure that nothing gets by. You can also choose the safest way to receive your payment, whether by cheque, donation or even by PayPal. You’re always protected.

Selling in volume?

Schools, businesses and other organizations can get top dollar for their unwanted technology in higher volumes. Use our simple online form a submit a list of your unneeded assets and a Technology Retirement Specialist will get back to you with an offer.